Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Site Still Active?

Nope. But enough people still stop by that I felt bad about shutting it down entirely. So in mid 2023 I did move it off the original domain and server which cost too much for what this was, and set it up on a free WordPress site so it can live on.

A bunch of the fic links are now broken. But with a little googling of the fic title and fic author name, you can still find the vast majority of them at places like AO3 and, and if those searches don’t bear fruit there’s always the Wayback Machine which can get you copies of most of the rest.

Who Were You?

At the time I maintained this rec site, I was in my mid-twenties, a web developer, copywriter and free-lance stage manager living in western Canada, was a heavy reader of HP fanfic, and a sometimes-writer of the same. None of those things are still true. At the time I’d been reading and writing fan fiction online for around ten years, and had been active in several fandoms over that time. I was an active part of the Harry Potter fandom from 2000 to (roughly) 2011

Below is a slightly edited copy of my original FAQ

What Makes You Worthy Of Reccing Harry Potter Fanfiction?

Conceit, I suppose. I’ve got plenty of that.

What’s With The “Why You Should Care” and “Why You Might Not Care” Sections Of The Rec?

I feel it’s important to quantify the fic in some way with a sort-of-review where I can justify my recommendation. Also, I feel it’s important to be candid about the fic’s weaknesses if there are any, and any reason a particular brand of person would dislike it so as not to send people places where they don’t want to be.

Also, I like having a brief moment on a soap-box to offer my opinions.

What Kind Of Fanfiction Do You Usually Read?

Mostly general fic, tons of character based stories, and almost always only completed works. My character preferences are fairly broad, but I do tend to be attracted to Marauder fiction more often then not, and I have a certain fondness for Severus Snape and Remus Lupin. I’m a bit of a canon-nazi, and so tend to stay away from AU, obviously outlandish pairings (both het and slash), and overly fanon characterizations.

What Are Your Ships?

Canon ships, by and large, though I don’t really count myself as much of a “shipper” in the traditional sense. It is unlikely, however, that you’ll find any Harry/Hermione or Draco/Ginny here, or any other obviously non-canon pairings that proliferate elsewhere. If those are the kinds of things you are looking for, you’re probably in the wrong spot.

Why Isn’t There Very Much Slash Here?

Because I don’t read very much slash, to be honest. It’s  not really my thing, and personally I find 99% of the slash ships highly improbable from a canon standpoint and largely out of character. There are a few exceptions — Remus/Sirius being the most notable, and Albus/Gellert coming in as a close second — but by and large most slash fic isn’t compatible with my other fanfic requirements.

The other reason is that, if you are looking for slash fic, it’s notoriously easy to find in the Harry Potter fandom. In fact, I would say good non-slash and general fiction is a great deal more difficult to find. There are plenty of sites that archive or rec slash fics of all pairings, so I don’t feel bad that they are woefully under-represented here. If you’re all about the slash-fic, I suggest clicking on one of the other recs links on the sidebar, because what I have to offer definitely won’t satisfy your craving.

What About Novel-Length Fics?

I don’t have anything against Novel-Length fanfiction either — in fact, some of the very best fanfic I’ve ever read has been over 100,000 words.

The thing of it is, I hate reading fiction that is incomplete. I hate investing all that time and effort into it only to be left hanging for years because the author disappears and never finishes. Since most novel-length fics are works-in-progress, I have a tendency to bypass them until I see that magic “COMPLETED” note in the summary unless they have been so highly rec’d to me by someone else that I just can’t help myself.

How Do I Get My Story On Your Site?

You can’t. I am no longer actively maintaining this site.

I Know A Great Story! Can You Post It Here?

Nope. This site is no longer being maintained.

Why Have You Rec’d One Of Your Own Stories?

Well, because it was nominated for an award and I felt that was ample justification for the rec. Someone, somewhere, liked it enough to nominate it for an Hourglass Award, and I feel that’s a pretty high recommendation all on its own.

I don’t intend to start reccing myself on a regular basis; I’m not that conceited. But if something else I write is given a similar public nod or award, I’ll throw it up here, too. Otherwise, the quality of my writing will remain up for debate on the archive where it is hosted.

Novel-Length, One-Shot, Drabble… What Do Those Mean?

Ah-Hah! A tricky question.

Novel-Length fics are qualified by me as being chaptered works that are 40,000 words or longer.

One-Shots are unchaptered works of varying lengths — usually but not always under 10,000 words — and are stories that stand-alone and are not part of a larger series. This term is thrown around all over the fandom and has particular connotations or defining features depending on where you see it, and I’ve given it my own unique spin to sort of suit my needs.

Drabbles are slightly more complicated. A traditional Drabble is exactly 100 words with a title of up to 15 words. However, the vast majority of the Harry Potter fandom doesn’t know this traditional definition, and so I’m using its more fanon and general definition of a piece of less than 1,000 words. When I rec a traditional Drabble of 100 words, I specify it somewhere in the rec — usually in the summary.

These categories here are largely used to group the stories by relative length in as simple a way as possible using terms that are fairly transparent and widely known.

Where Are Your Story Ratings?

I’m a rebel. I don’t post ratings. Part of this is because no one can really get together on what the ratings are, and they get assigned sort of willy-nilly by authors who never quite know in which pool their story belongs.

The other reason is that I just don’t think the things people read should be determined by what arbitrary rating of profanity, violence, and sex there may or may not be in the story. I think good things are good whatever the rating, and encourage all people to be brave and reach out of their comfort zones once in a while.

Having said that, I will point out somewhere in the recommendation if the fic contains NC-17 scenes or explicit sexual situations, knowing that it’s impolite to send someone to something like that without a warning. I will also indicate in the rec whether or not the fic contains slash of any kind or degree, for the sake of those who are uninterested in that particular genre.

Did You Know One Of Your Story Links Is Broken?

Many of them are, because this site is no longer being actively maintained. If you search for the fic name and/or author name on Ao3 or good chances are you’ll find it. If not, try throwing the link in the Wayback Machine or doing some googling. Most of the fics can still be found if you’re determined enough.