Getting Ready

Getting Ready by Flora Hart

Summary: Each Weasley brings something a little different to Fred’s funeral. Drabble Collection, 8 X 100 Word Drabbles.

Why You Should Care: These killed me. I’m a sucker for 100 word traditional drabbles, and these are absolutely brilliant looks at each of the Weasleys in turn as they prepare to bury one of their own. Everything about this is right, and Arthur and Molly’s in particular broke my heart over again. There’s a little piece of me that feels so betrayed by Jo for having done something like this to this family — to Molly — to George. This piece says everything I would like to say about losing Fred without ever needing to actually say it. Grief, beautifully orchestrated. Cathartic.

Why You Might Not Care: I’m not sure this is angst. It’s too terribly common and simple and normal and broad and true to fit properly into the angst genre of fic. I needed a fic like this — I needed the closure — but perhaps not everyone felt Fred’s loss as keenly as I did.