Blood Will Out

Blood Will Out by Lady Bracknell

Summary: Whilst in pursuit of a suspect, Harry comes face to face with his past.  Oneshot, 3,335 Words.

Why You Should Care: I’m sure there will be more and varied versions of this story coming out in short order now that Deathly Hallows has been released, but for me this one has the right amount of surprise, awkwardness, and accurate characterization.  Harry is not the sort of person who would forget even the last minute sort of kindness his cousin offered him, and all young people look back on their lives with some regret when they get older — that’s part of maturing.  In the end, they are family, and something like this was bound to happen eventually; all they needed was for chance to set it up for them.

Why You Might Not Care: If you can’t even fathom a Dudley that is not a screaming, whining ball of annoying, then this will be strange.