The Diggory Papers

The Diggory Papers by MachiavelliJr

Summary: Cedric Diggory was nobody’s hero, nobody’s true love and didn’t die in Little Hangleton. GoF and beyond in the words of Cedric Diggory, coward, cheat and lecher. Work in Progess, 48,836 Words.

Why You Should Care: There are lots of humourous fics. Some of them are even funny, with cute quips, and romantic entanglements and slapstick moments. But this fic is different. This fic is witty, it’s an educated kind of humour, a very British type of satire. The concept is wonderful: a truly teenage Cedric Diggory, lechorous, debauched, mind only ever on One Thing. It’s immediately obvious, as is the case, that this was written by a real teenage boy who went to a real public boarding school. Outstanding, noteworthy.

Why You Might Not Care: You’ve got to want to read this fic, because the structuring is such that there are lots of long chunks of text and the laugh-out-loud hilarity hidden within. But seriously, if you like British humour, other humour, new characterisations or just damn good fic, take a look.

It Was Within

It Was Within by Twinsuns

Summary: “Nothing comes from nothing.” The words haunt Cedric, and after doing nothing to help during the incident at the World Cup, he’s ready to prove what he’s really worth — by entering the Triwizard Tournament. Oneshot, 3,117 Words.

Why You Should Care: A touching piece about the boy who died for no reason, and why he died for no reason, and a story about a good boy trying to be a good man. As always, the writing is excellent and the pacing is perfect. This piece has been constructed with a very specific theme in mind, and there are no excessive bits cogging up the works. Beautifully structured.

Why You Might Not Care: I can’t really think why you wouldn’t, unless you’re one of those people who ignores really good writing in favour of some random never-ending badfic about a non-canon ship you’ve jumped on. If you are, I have to wonder why you’re here.