The Delusionist

The Delusionist by Sciathan File

Summary: In the Wizarding World, people who have passed on are remembered by their portraits. Some cling to these seemingly living and breathing works of magic and forget that they are, like Muggle portraits, breathed into life by the artist who created them. Oneshot, 9,300 Words.

Why You Should Care: This is a really excellent look at a concept in the Harry Potter world rather than a particular character — though the ones that appear are as well written as you could possibly wish for — and it is by far the most interesting and complete consideration wizarding portraiture has received.  It is a story about the process and the hand that creates the portrait just as much as it is about the cultural traditions based around the portrait.  This fic is anchored by an original character that is well suited to the subject matter, crafted to suit the explorative nature of the piece, and the fic’s non-linear style acts as a focusing lens on scenes that might otherwise have been about the characters in them.  Fabulously well done.

Why You Might Not Care: This is one of those fics that is more about an idea than a character, and some folk don’t bother to read anything that hasn’t got a “/” in it somewhere.  Sure to attract and be remembered by the genfic connoisseur.

3 thoughts on “The Delusionist

  1. I thought this seemed familiar! I was browsing through Sciathan File’s works way back when and came across this story. I do like it quite a bit. Especially the last bit, when she describes the ones that died in DH. It’s nice to see it rec’d here; thanks. :]


  2. Overall, I enoyed this tale. I found the craft of making the portraits fascinating. I do wish that it had been edited down a bit. I felt that the author tried to include every character in DH and then some. Fortunately for me, I thought the second half of the story better so it ended at the best part so far as I am concerned.


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