A Matter of Opportunity

A Matter of Opportunity by Shimotsuki

Summary: Remus is worried about Teddy, but Tonks is worried about Remus, and circumstances lead her to try something she’s never done before. She can only hope they are ready for it. Oneshot, 2,390 Words.

Why You Should Care: Mostly because I haven’t rec’d a Remus/Tonks in a little while and angsty!Remus fretting over baby Teddy’s first full moon delights me. I also quite enjoyed the interaction between Tonks and Wolfsbaned-Wolf Remus. Nice, cute, and fluffy.

Why You Might Not Care: What do you mean Remus and Tonks died in Deathly Hallows? Psht, like even. Unashamed denial-fic.

4 thoughts on “A Matter of Opportunity

  1. Um… unless there’s some weird glitch in my computer, this link leads to yesterday’s fic. And I really want to read today’s fic – I am in the mood for unashamed denial, what with exams starting in less than 24 hours and all.

    Anyway, keep up the excellent work xxx


  2. Nope, that was me forgetting to change the link on the template. headdesk Thanks for the catch!


  3. Hmm..well, judging by the dates of the other comments, you won’t see this…but I had to say that was really, really sweet. And, you know, it didn’t seem like “yeah, but they died, soo..” It could have been before the battle of Hogwarts. Extremely cute and very beleivable!


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